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Civil Rights Litigation

Sterling Law Firm specializes in civil rights and liberties to help prevent and enforce a range of federal and state constitutional rights ranging from free speech to employment discrimination. We work with individuals, non-profit organizations and business to educate people about the scope of their rights and remedies. We have successfully represented a variety of clients, and have obtained injunctions, judgments and settlements against governmental authorities and private companies when these violations occur. This Firm is experienced in striking down unfair laws or policies, obtaining emergency court orders to stop abuses immediately, and gaining compensation for violations of civil rights. In addition, our firm engage in all phases of civil litigation with a concentration in civil rights, including:

  • Sexual, race, gender, age, disability and national origin harassment and discrimination.
  • Union, Wage, Disability and other areas of Employment Law.
  • Title VII, Title IX, 14th Amendment Attorney, Litigate Equal Protection and Due Process Cases, Sections 1981, 1983, retaliation / whistle blower cases under state laws and federal laws.
  • Perform trials and hearings before state and federal courts as well as administrative tribunal including workers compensation.
  • Experience embraces drafting complaint, answer, and / or cross complaints.
  • Pretrial discovery, including taking and defending dispositions.
  • Management of lawsuit, to mediation, arbitration, settlement or preparation to trial.

Business Law

Sterling Law Firm is proud to provide creative, innovative and strategic legal solutions to business. We stay abreast on current legal issues facing business today, and offer customized service to our diverse business cliental. We provide assistance with regulatory, employment and litigation issues, as well as:

  • Business formation
  • Securities offerings
  • Discrimination Counseling
  • Investment funds
  • Executive compensation
  • Counseling Boards
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Franchising
  • Commercial contracts
  • Employee issues


Intellectual Property

We specialize in intellectual property law at a reasonable price. We not only file patent and trademark applications, but we ensure that our clients get a return on their intellectual property investment.


Trademarks are terms, phrases, logos, colors and sounds whose purpose is to inform consumers of the source of particular goods or services. This will help protect the rights of owners. Federal trademark registration provides a convenient path for trademark owners to protect their rights. Federal registration of a trademark will allow the mark owner to place the ® next to the mark and provide notice to others that the mark is an existing registered trademark. We can:

  • conduct trademark searches and prepare registrability opinions
  • prepare and file trademark applications
  • respond to office actions
  • prepare trademark renewals
  • monitor registered trademarks for unauthorized use
  • file trademark oppositions and petitions to cancel



Sterling Law Firms Entertainment Law Team represents entertainment, media and advertising clients and other content providers who produce, license, acquire, use and invest in film, television, music and digital content for worldwide distribution. Our firm represents entertainment, media and advertising clients and other content providers who produce, license, acquire, use and invest in film, television, music and digital content for worldwide distribution. Our team is also experienced in assisting clients with infringement, publicity, licensing or financing disputes and the use of unlicensed likeness or content appearing on the Internet, or in other mediums.

Our firm has also worked with clients in the following areas

  • copyright, trademark and publicity rights
  • intellectual property acquisition, licensing, vetting and distribution
  • protection and prosecution of intellectual property rights, including infringement disputes and application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to protect against unlicensed use or distribution
  • digital rights and data privacy



Here at Sterling Law Firm, we provide strategic legal advice and services to help employers minimize the risk of litigation through effective workplace strategies. In today’s global economy the challenges facing companies are complex. That is why it is our goal to counsel business on legal employment issues including;

EEOC mattersrestrictive covenantslabor management issueswage and hour issuesemployee benefits and ERISA litigation, and international employment issues.


Sterling Law Firm is dedicated to giving our clients specialized immigration law representation. We assist clients in several types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas including:

  • labor certifications
  • immigrant visa petitions
  • multinational executives and managers
  • outstanding professors and researchers
  • exceptional ability visas
  • nurses, doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals
  • special immigrants, including religious workers, returning permanent residents and broadcasters/journalists
  • employment creation/investor
  • employment-related family immigrant visas (spouses/children/brothers/sisters)
  • immigration visas
  • tourist visas
  • entertainer visas
  • foreign media visas
  • exchange visitor visas
  • foreign medical worker visas
  • international organization visas
  • student visas
  • religious worker visas
  • adoption
  • divorce and widows